Cara Lee Neville

Cara Lee Neville
President & Founder
Benchmark National ADR, LLC

After 29+ years as a Minnesota District Court Judge, CARA LEE NEVILLE will be providing Alternative Dispute Resolution Services including: Mediation, Arbitration, Early Neutral Evaluation, Special Master, and Judge for Practice and Summary Jury Trials.  Cara Lee Neville is a qualified Neutral under Minnesota Rule #114.

During her long and distinguished career, Judge Neville has worked on literally hundreds of civil cases. Her cases have included commercial litigation, employment law, personal injury, contract disputes, product liability, legal, medical, and other professional malpractice, corporate, partnership and other business law issues, construction, shareholder disputes, eminent domain, insurance coverage, wrongful death, minor settlements, receiverships, libel/slander, workplace discrimination and harassment, whistle-blower, fraud, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, promissory estoppel, defamation, tortious interference with contract, negligent hiring, supervision and retention, nursing home injuries, Minnesota Government Practices Act, trade secrets, and other complex civil litigation. Her practical experience includes extensive rulings upon motions, pretrial litigation issues, settling disputes prior to trial and decision making.

Judge Neville not only has years of experience in trial work, but also has the skills and insight to understand more than just legal issues.  Mediations, Arbitrations and other forms of ADR require the understanding of personal emotions involved in litigation. Judge Neville brings decades of experience and analysis to finding effective solutions to complex controversies in a less contentious and adversarial manor than a lengthy and costly trial. These are skills which are instrumental to productive and successful mediation and arbitration.

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