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Cara Lee Neville

I have been proud and honored to serve as a member of the Minnesota Judiciary for almost 30 years. Now I look forward to working with lawyers and litigants to resolve their disputes in a more confidential and less expensive forum than courtroom litigation.

Although there are cases that need to be litigated and our Judges in Minnesota are well qualified to do so, the vast majority of conflicts can be resolved in a fair, efficient, effective, and more expeditious manner by use of a well thought out alternative method of dispute resolution.  Whether it is mediation, arbitration, summary jury trials or the help of a special master to decide issues including  the resolution of discovery disputes, ADR provides more control, flexibility and confidentiality than the traditional adversary process.

After almost 30 years on the bench working with thousands of litigants and lawyers, I have become tenacious in exploring settlements to which both parties can voluntarily agree. I will try to spend the time necessary and work to help you reach a fair and amicable settlement without the increased costs, contentiousness and delays of court room litigation, if at all possible. I am uniquely positioned to bring to the table not only years of experience in the law, but also the insight into the personal issues which actually surround conflicts. My goal is to assist parties in bringing their disputes to a mutually satisfactory resolution in a timely manner.

I will first discuss and analyze with you the best process of ADR for your dispute, the length of time YOU feel necessary to fully discuss and resolve your issues and will recognize any deadlines you feel are important to meet. In most cases I will try to work on YOUR preferred schedule. I have conference rooms available for mediation and arbitration with NO additional room charges or fees. I would also be available to provide ADR services at your offices or elsewhere if you prefer. Benchmark National ADR LLC’s offices are centrally located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 49th floor of the spectacular IDS Center with convenient parking and access by skyway to hotels and restaurants.

I look forward to assisting you in your ADR needs as a qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice, specializing in mediation and arbitration and serving you as a special master or special trial judge as the need arises.



Cara Lee Neville
Founder & President
Benchmark National ADR, LLC.

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